TomTom Curfer Link 100

TomTom CURFER – TomTom LINK 100


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TomTom Curfer with extension lead

TomTom CURFER – TomTom LINK 100 With Extension Lead


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Easy to install

1. Mobile App

Download the CURFER app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Download the mobile app

2. Dongle

Install the CURFER dongle into the standard OBD port in your car. The car dongle can be bought here.

Install Curfer

3. Connected Car

Your car is now connected! When you drive, the CURFER dongle connects with the mobile app via Bluetooth and delivers your driving data right to your phone.

Connect to car

What is a TomTom CURFER?

TomTom Telematics have recently released a TomTom Curfer, what it is you may ask… well the TomTom CURFER was manufactured to simply be able to visualise and review your driving behaviour.

Visualise Your Driving

The TomTom CURFER offered four main aspects for you to see your performance on, acceleration, braking, cornering and idling. Each of these aspects is shown on your TomTom CURFER dashboard in segments of a circle – which looks a lot like a steering wheel. Every single segment will change colour according to how well or bad you are driving, allowing you to have knowledge on the safety and development of your driving. You will be made aware if you are driving dangerously be the according segments to be coloured red, whereas if you are driving perfectly then green segments will appear.

Trip Analyser

Maybe if you are worried about your not so good driving or just want to review the good driving you have done, the TomTom CURFER covers this by a trip analyser. The interactive map allows you to view errors in your driving with colour coordinated routes and specific pointers of where you may have speeded or cornered too hard.

Relating to the trip analyser the CURFER also offers advanced statistics allowing you to recap over your driving data after a journey or even compare your driving data over time. You are able to look up key aspects such as your acceleration and compare this to your past performance to surprise yourself to see how much you have improved (but hopefully not worsened in driving).

Car Finder

There’s a car finder function that the TomTom CURFER offers which will come in very handy when looking for your car in a large car park. The TomTom CURFER automatically stores your vehicles last known position and displays in on the interactive map, a second dot is shown to represent your current location.

Advanced Analytics

The TomTom CURFER also allows you check-up on your engine to just make sure everything is ok. The TomTom CURFER checks details underneath the hood and is able to access additional car data via the OBD interface such as the air pressure, coolant temperature, batter voltage, exhaust temperature and much more.

Collect Badges & Share

The TomTom CURFER allows you to have a little fun and a bit of a laugh due to being able to collect badges on your driving style, a few of the badges you are able to collect is the road warrior, trip maker, home sweet home and many more. You’re able to share your badges among your friends and family along with statistics of your driving performance (obviously to see who the better driver is) via email messaging or social media – the sharing link is located below the dashboard.